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Our professionals are trained to perform maintenance, pruning, lifting, removing hooks, and regeneration. We know that pruning is one of the essential operations for the excellent formation of plants. It also balances the roots and the aerial part, regulating their vigor, flowering, and production.

For that reason, we provide certified personnel in the pruning of trees and shrubs with experience in implementing procedures. During the service, they are in charge of eliminating aerial parts of the trees due to some problematic situations. This action is one of the most common and indispensable interventions that must be performed throughout the life of the tree or shrub.


Maintenance pruning: Eliminates dead or deteriorated branches, as well as any element detrimental to the tree’s health, such as parasitic plants, highlighting its beauty and reducing the risk to people and property.

Enhancement pruning: Improves visibility conditions and stimulates height growth. Lower branches are removed.

Balancing pruning: Balances foliage production and fruit production in plants.

Thinning pruning: Improves lighting and aeration conditions under the canopy by removing some branches. It also prevents the proliferation of pests and diseases and mechanical damage by wind, improving the tree’s structure. In addition, it has a positive impact on the feeling of security.

Formation of structural pruning: Corrects deformations and unwanted regrowth and favors the development of a balanced and robust structure with a dominant main stem. It is carried out in the early stages of the tree’s life.

Crown reduction pruning: Reduces the size of the tree crown, avoiding risks and conflicts with all types of infrastructure.

Compensation pruning: Balances the loads acting on the crown due to the same weight of its branches, avoiding possible falls or overturning.

We Guarantee Properly Developing your Trees and Shrubs with a Quality Pruning Service