Best Dogs for Hiking and Climbing

Labrador Retriever

Energetic, loyal, and great with families. Labrador Retrievers are excellent hiking partners known for their friendly nature.

Australian Shepherd

Intelligent, agile, and perfect for active owners. Australian Shepherds excel in hiking and agility exercises.

Siberian Husky

Stamina, endurance, and love for cold weather. Siberian Huskies are ideal companions for challenging hikes.

Border Collie

Highly intelligent and agile. Border Collies thrive in mentally stimulating outdoor activities.

German Shepherd

Strong, protective, and loyal. German Shepherds are versatile and reliable hiking partners.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Strong and gentle. Bernese Mountain Dogs are well-suited for long hikes and mountain terrain


Energetic, affectionate, and loves outdoor activities. Vizslas are perfect for active owners.

Non-Shedding Big Dogs