Non-Shedding Big Dogs


Hybrid breed, non-shedding, and affectionate. Labradoodles are great family pets with their friendly nature.

Irish Water Spaniel

Curly-coated, non-shedding, and energetic. Irish Water Spaniels are excellent swimmers and playful companions.

Giant Schnauzer

Alert, non-shedding, and protective. Giant Schnauzers are loyal and make good guard dogs

Standard Poodle

Intelligent, non-shedding, and versatile. Standard Poodles excel in various dog sports and activities.

Portuguese Water Dog

Lively, non-shedding, and water-loving. Portuguese Water Dogs are great companions for active families.

Bouvier des Flandres

Powerful, non-shedding, and steady. Bouviers are devoted and thrive with consistent training.

Giant Schnauzer

Gentle giants, non-shedding, and loving. Giant Schnauzers form strong bonds with their families.

Giant Dog Breeds That Make Great Pets