What Breed is My Cat

Physical Features

Observe your cat's physical features like coat pattern, color, and body shape, which can give hints about their breed.

Facial Structure

Pay attention to your cat's facial structure, eye shape, and ear size, which can help identify specific breed traits.

Coat Length

Cat breeds often have distinct coat lengths – short, medium, or long. This can be a valuable clue in breed identification

Personality Traits

Take note of your cat's personality, as certain breeds have characteristic temperaments and behaviors.

Size and Build

Consider your cat's size and build, as some breeds tend to be larger or more muscular than others.


Cat breeds may have unique vocalizations, so listen to your cat's meows and sounds to gain more insights.

Seek Expert Advice

When in doubt, consult a veterinarian or feline expert to help identify your cat's breed accurately.

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